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Particle Board

P2 - Furniture grade Pro particle board 

Furniture grade Pro particle board (P2) is a rigid engineered panel with smooth sanded faces ideal where a superior finish is required. Suitable for multiple internal applications in both the furniture and kitchen industry.

P3 - Moisture resistant Pro particle board panels

Moisture resistant Pro particle board panels(Р3), suitable for furniture applications and wall partitions where exposure to moisture is possible. Similar to Furniture Grade Pro particle board, P3 Moisture Resistant one is easy to saw, cut and generally machine but has the added attribute of moisture resistance thanks to its glue bond.


Thickness, mm:

Size, mm:

2440 x 1830, 2750 x 1830, 3060 x 1830

16, 18, 25, 38

Pro particle board is manufactured in accordance with EN-312: 2010 and have E0.5/E1 formaldehyde emission class. Available as FSC® (Licence code: FSC-C148396) certified. 

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