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High-quality Glued Laminated timber GL24 and GL28 certified by MPA, Stuttgart according to DIN EN 14080 and DIN 1052:2008-12 is characterized by high load-carrying capacity and dimensional stability.


Glulam consists of at least 3 timber lamellas from Nordic Timber glued parallel to the grain. Through grading by strength and homogenization of the timber lamellas, a high level of load-bearing capacity is achieved in comparison to common construction timber. High load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, product variety and excellent surface quality allow for a broad range of application options in the area of construction:

  • Multi-storey residential and office buildings

  • Public buildings and administrative buildings

  • Industrial and production hall-type buildings

  • Agricultural buildings

  • Sports halls and leisure facilities

  • Detached houses and apartment buildings

Application & Advantages

  • Long-span main beams

  • Roof truss and roof structures

  • Ceiling structure or as support grid system

  • Supports and columns

The most important product advantages are:

̌✓ Natural, renewable and 100 % recyclable building material.

High load-bearing capacity with low density.

High dimensional stability.

Large span lengths.

Fast and easy site installation within the floor and roof space.

Fast and dry construction.

✓ High fire resistance and chemical resistance.

Simple tools.

High thermal insulating characteristics.

Positive effects on climate protection due to storage of CO2

Pro Glulam available standard cross sections in NSI (industrial) and SI (visual quality):

Thickness, mm

80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 240

Width (height), mm

120, 160, 200, 240, 280, 320, 360, 400, 440, 480, 520, 560, 600

Length, mm

up to 13500

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