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Nordic sawn timber

Because of specific weather conditions, Nordic sawn timber provides exceptional quality and stability. Cold Northern European winter allows using these products in many types of constructional solutions. We mostly produce FSC® (Licence code: FSC-C148396) - certified products.


  • WW (white wood) — Spruce 

  • RW (red wood) — Pine


  • SF 5% of timber may contain small wane and blue stain 

  • SF (no wane, no blue stain, no rot, no cracks)

  • US

  • c24, c28, c30 visual or machine graded

  • Premium s4s r3 (planed timber)

  • SB, 2EXlog, 4EXlog

Product Specification

Lengths (m)

2,7-6,0 (0,3 step), 5,1-6,0, 6 only possible per request

18%+-2%, 12%+-2%


Cross sections sawn (mm)

25x100, 25x125, 25x150, 30x100, 32x100, 32х150, 38x150, 50x150,

50x200, 63x150, 63x175, 63x200, 75x150, 100x200, 75x225

Cross sections planed S4S (mm)

38x89, 38x140, 38x120, 38x170, 38x184, 38x235, 45x95, 45x145, 45x195

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