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We also provide many kinds of special treatments against barks and termites as our clients are also located in areas where such kind

of treatment is necessary.

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Proligno follows all international rules, guidelines and restrictions to fulfil the principles of environmentally responsible, socially-oriented and economically sustainable forest management and management of the world's forest resources.
Certified wood is tracked from the cutting area to the processing plant and the consumer and guarantees the latter the legal origin of wood and its products. This allows the buyer to make sure that the products come from responsibly managed forests.

Forests are an important part of life on Earth. It is not just a source of wood, food, pulp and fuel. Forests are a source of freshwater, they create habitats on land for more than 2/3 of the known species of flora and fauna, are a natural filter and purify the air, promote climate stabilization, absorb carbon from the atmosphere and accumulate it,
play an important role in regulating the atmospheric moisture and soil protection.
Most countries today face the problem of forest loss. Over the past few years, a global trend has been observed, when forest areas and massifs are increasingly occupied by agricultural plantations and pastures.
Over the past decade, the world community has recognized the fight against global deforestation as one of the most essential tasks. The use of primitive, often barbarous logging technologies in developing countries has led to forest degradation, reduction of their area and
soil erosion. A clear example of this is the high incidence of forest exploitation in the tropics, where forest lands were replaced by plantations of Maslenica palm and soybean.
There are many other examples. Throughout the world, loss of valuable forest areas can be observed on a huge scale. Deforestation has led to
a decline in biological diversity, a serious social impact on peoples and tribes living in the forest and dependent on its resources has affected the processes of global climate change, has threatened the extinction
of a population of species of many animals and plants. Therefore, today specialists have engaged in the development of sparing technologies
of logging and forestry practices that fit into the notion of sustainable forest management. Sustainable development as an international concept was formed largely as a result of the recognition of the special ecological and social role of forests and the desire of society to make forestry economically efficient, environmentally literate and socially responsible. Therefore, speaking about sustainable ...


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ProLigno is a worldwide acting wholesaler of Birch Plywood, CLT, pine/larch plywood, H20 beams, gluelam, I-joist and MDF. Our Nordic European company is a group of professionals with deep knowledge of the world market, as an optimal connecting point between manufacturers and builders.

Knowing each manufacturer and many different markets all over the world we can offer an optimal portfolio of boards

and constructive beams for your demand.

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