Frequently asked questions

How big are the pillows?

Aproximately 20"x12"

What is a public/private design?

Cheaper rate. Designs will be left on my store after your commission is complete. Others will be able to buy this pillow after you. Let me know if you would like to remain an anonymous commissioner.

Pricier rate. Private designs will be posted on an anonymous listing which I will link to you once the artwork is complete and deleted after you have made your purchase. You may buy as many pillows as you like at this time!

I will discuss with you which category you fall under as I might not always be interested in reselling.

Can I buy multiple pillows of my private design?

Yes but I advise you buy them all at once as the listing will eventually be removed

I bought a private design from you in the past and want to buy another of the same pillow but the listing is gone!

Contact me directly and I can put it back up for you.

I want to buy someone else's design but it was a private design, what can I do?

The initial commissioner paid a higher rate for a private design so I won't be making their design public for purchase. I would recommend contacting me for a new piece of artwork.

However in special circumstances I may put the listing up again; if you have permission from the original commissioner that they are comfortable with you buying the pillow as well. You must provide evidence of this, either have them @ me or screenshot your conversation.

What is the commission process?

  1. We discuss the details of your commission and agree on public or private design.
  2. You pay me to start the commission
  3. Initial sketch, you can give any fixes at this time.
  4. Finished artwork, you can give any fixes on colour at this time.
  5. When commissioner is happy with the artwork I then upload the artwork to my manufactorer and provider commissioner with a link to purchase the physical pillow.
-If this is a private design, I will remove the listing once commissioner has bought their pillow
-If this is a public design, I will leave the listing up and others may purchase the pillow after the commissioner.

What can/can't I ask for on a body pillow?


  • Original Characters!
  • Fandoms I'm not familiar with
  • AU's of characters. If these are general popular AU's with no clear source (fandom hivemind) then go right ahead! If you are requesting an AU from a specific artist or fanfic please have permission from the creator before contacting me!
  • Furry! These guys can be full nude but nothing explicit!
  • Lingerie or fully clothed outfits. Detailed outfits will be simplified.
  • No real life persons outside of characters they play. i.e. Sherlock (yes!) vs Benedict Cumberbatch (no!)
  • NSFW? Depends on the level of nudity, I won't go full nude for human characters or show genitals.
  • No super detailed designs please! I can simplify most outfits but please be considerate of the fact these are chibi commissions.

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